System Facilities Reservation Request Form

To reserve a System Administration facility for use, please review the System Facilities Use Policy and fill out the reservation form below.

Please note: System Administration cannot accept reservations more than 30 days in advance for non-NSHE ad hoc users.

Meeting Type

Meeting or Event Information and Group Representative

System Facilities Requested

Primary Facility for Meeting or Event

Information Technology and Audio/Visual Requirements

Catering and Food Service

Catering or Food Service:

Other Special Requirements or Accommodations

For scheduling purposes, if your meeting falls under the Nevada Open Meeting Law, please include the date by which your agenda needs to be posted in the "special requirements or accommodations" field above.

Use of the System Facilities are subject to the NSHE - System Facilities Use Policy. By submitting this form, I acknowledge the NSHE - System Facilities Use Policy and agree to use the facilities in compliance therewith and any conditions or limited imposed the use of the meeting or event for which this form is being submitted. In addition, use of the videoconference capabilities is subject to the SCS Videoscheduling and Use Policy .

Please note: If SCS Video or Technical Support is required for Non NSHE AdHoc Users, a fee of $53.50 per hour will be charged unless waived by the Chancellor. A minimum two hour setup/breakdown fee will be charged if room 102 (Boardroom) is used.