NSHE-wide Software Licensing

SCS negotiates multi-institution and NSHE-wide software contracts, maintains and manages vendor relationships, coordinates software contract payments, advocates on behalf of NSHE institutions, facilitates the NSHE Software Licensing Council, and documents processes for obtaining software and technical support from vendors.

NSHE institutions enjoy significant cost-savings on many software solutions and services agreements by entering into centrally negotiated and managed volume licensing agreements with major publishers and service providers.

Service Requests and Support

Members of the NSHE Community should contact their respective institution’s information technology department for software contracts utilized by their institution.

The NSHE-wide Software Licensing Service is directed by the SCS Budget and Contract Director who is responsible for overseeing contract initiation, renewals, and service levels.

The SCS Budget and Contract Director chairs the NSHE Software Licensing Council, which identifies licensing needs and coordinates multi-institution involvement in the NSHE-wide software licensing process.