Network Design & Connection

In providing to the NSHE a regionally accessible data transport network with standard data rates up to 10 Gbps, SCS offers network interconnection design services so that NSHE customers may connect to and make optimized use of the statewide network. The Network Design and Connection Services include but are not limited to:

  • Network interconnection design support and equipment specification
  • Project management support for equipment installation and testing
  • IP addressing/domain name service
  • Ongoing statewide network monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic support to the point of demarcation
  • Redundant service configurations for improved service reliability
  • Prioritization of data packets for critical applications

Service Availability Commitment

The statewide network itself is available to authorized users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding scheduled and unplanned outages. Planned outages must be approved by SCS management and typically occur during standard maintenance windows. Although alternate network paths typically maintain service availability, the customer will be notified of planned outages through direct e-mail communication and the standard weekly communication from the SCS Service Desk.

Network Connections & Usage Policy

Service Requests and Support

Customers should initiate questions and requests through the SCS Service Desk.

Self-service form submissions generate a ticket automatically and customers can expect an automated response with a ticket number within seconds. E-mail is monitored during published service hours and customers can expect a response within eight business hours. The phone numbers above are staffed during published service hours. Emergency support is available at the phone numbers above year-round, 24-hours a day, by answering service or off-hours support staff.

The Network Design and Connection Services are managed by the SCS Director of Network Services, who is responsible for overseeing service level agreements, providing service overviews, and monitoring service request and incident response reports.

The network service support staff facilitates the NSHE-wide Connectivity group to help identify needs and initiate improvements.

Fees and Other Requirements

All entities approved for access to the statewide network will be required to adhere to all SCS Network Services operating policies and procedures and to fund network improvements necessary to establish initial interconnection. Once an initial connection is established, there will be no network access charges for participating entities. Charges for other services and facilities such as equipment upgrades or replacements may be required depending on options selected by the customer. In this case, charges will be identified in service level agreements. Authorized non-NSHE customers must provide funding for ongoing network charges.

Customers must communicate to the service manager all changes or growth planning which could potentially impact network bandwidth requirements. Customers with active service level agreements should plan to meet with the service manager annually to review service satisfaction and discuss any required changes or improvements.

Customers must provide and maintain proper local area network connectivity; house and secure SCS equipment necessary for interconnectivity; adhere and ensure adherence to presiding NSHE computing and networking policy; and provide 24×7 contact information for emergency and outage notifications.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are the responsibility of the customer. Please discuss any business continuity requirements with the service manager.

To report a network outage, please contact the SCS Service Desk.