HRS Job Submittal Documentation: South

ZHRSD01P Quiesce DB2 Tables
ZHRSD02P Create Chart of Accounts
ZHRSD30P Convert and Initialize DB2 Work Files
ZHRSD40P Change Processing and Reporting
ZHRSD50P Change File Reports
ZHRSD60P Update Employment History Database
ZHRSD65P Daily Suspense Processing
ZHRSD69P Extract Direct Deposit Data for Financial
ZHRSD70P Daily Encumbering
ZHRSD71P Daily Expense Transfer
ZHRSD72P Update PeopleSoft ID Number
ZHRSD75P Misc. Daily Reports
ZHRSD76P Process EDB batch updates for Bank of America Accts. Added
ZHRSD77P Process EDB batch updates
ZHRSD78P Process EDB batch updates for College Work Study
ZHRSD79P Daily iNtegrate 2 Processes
ZHRSD95P Quiesce DB2 Tables
ZHRSD96P Create Chart of Accounts
ZSYD All Daily Jobs
ZHRSP05P Unload Production DB2 Tables – Before Payroll
ZHRSP10P Payroll Edit
ZHRSP30P Calculate Gross Pay & Gross To Net
ZHRSP35P Update EDB DB2 tables with Payroll Data
ZHRSP40P Create Checks/Advices & Bank Files
ZHRSP45P Payroll Reports
ZHRSP47P TSA/FICA ALT/ASI Remittance Reports & Transmit Files
ZHRSP50P Batch Payroll History Update
ZHRSP55P Online Payroll History DB2 Tables Update
ZHRSP60P Payroll Encumber Process
ZHRSP65P Payroll Reports
ZHRSP70P Time Report Process
ZHRSP75P PCF & THF File/Table Maintenance
ZHRSP77P Payroll Extract Jobs for PeopleSoft
ZHRSP90P Quarterly Reconciliation Reports
ZHRSP92P DB2 Back-Up Point
ZHRSP95P Unload Production DB2 Tables – After Payroll
ZHRSP96P Load QA DB2 Tables From Production Unload
JSZPC All Payroll Jobs
Twice Monthly
ZHRST10P State New/Re-hire Reporting
ZHRST30P PEBP Coverage Eligibility Testing
JSZT All Twice Monthly Jobs
ZHRSM05P Process EDB Batch Updates from Liberty Mutual
ZHRSM06P Process EDB batch updates from PEBP
ZHRSM08P Monthly SSN Verification Error Report
ZHRSM09P Process EDB batch updates from MetLife Insurance
ZHRSM11P: Process EDB batch updates from Western Insurance
ZHRSM12P Process EDB batch updates from Standard Disability Insurance
ZHRSM13P Process EDB batch updates from Standard Life Insurance
ZHRSM14P Process EDB batch updates from PEBP
ZHRSM20P Certificate Of Effort Report – South Only
ZHRSM30P Benefits Reports and Transmit Files
ZHRSM35P RPA Reports, Transmit Files, and EDB Updates
ZHRSMFTP: TSA / FICA ALT / ASI Encryption and FTP Transmissions
ZHRSM40P Control Tables Change File Process
ZHRSM50P Security Tables Change File Process
ZHRSM55P Position Control Report and Maintenance
ZHRSM62P Security Operator Report
ZHRSM66P RACF Security Report
ZHRSM70P Employee Info Audit Reports
ZHRSM80P Account Line Rollover
ZHRSM81P: Job Assignment Rollover
ZHRSM84P Employee Termination Process
ZHRSM86P Clear Direct Deposit – North Only
ZHRSM88P Clear GTN’s
ZHRSM99P Quiesce DB2 Tables
JSZM All Monthly Jobs
ZHRSQ10P Quarterly Recon Reports and State Tape
ZHRSQ15P Quarterly Recon and DETR Reports and Transmit
ZHRSQ20P Quarterly Data Base Maintenance
ZHRSQ30P Quarterly Reports and Files
ZHRSQ50P Certificate of Effort Report – South Only
JSZQ All Quarterly Jobs
ZHRSY10P Produce W-2 Extract & Reports
ZHRSY11P Produce W-2 Extract & Reports SHORT RUN
ZHRSY20P Print Forms W2
ZHRSY21P Print Forms W2 – SHORT RUN
ZHRSY22P Print Forms W2 – Forced print for bounced emails
ZHRSY25P Sends W2 email notice to employees choosing electronic W2 delivery
ZHRSY26P Sends W2 email notice to employees choosing electronic W2 delivery – SHORT RUN
ZHRSY30P Magnetic Tape Formatter
ZHRSY40P W2 Tape Reporting Writer, Federal & State
ZHRSY50P Update Yearly COLA – Classified Employees
ZHRSY60P Update EDB with New Minimum Wage
ZHRSY62P Process EDB X2 batch updates from FSA vendor ASI
ZHRSY64P Roll Position Control Database for New Year
ZHRSY65P Mass Encumber
ZHRSY75P EDB Periodic Maintenance
ZHRSY87P EDB Periodic Maintenance
ZHRSY95P Comments DB Clean-up
JSZY All Yearly Jobs
On Request
ZHRSR02P Produce PAFs Printed Via Laser
ZHRSR03P Update Payroll Control Files & Schedules
ZHRSR05P Load Data into Position Control
ZHRSR06P Create Projected Salaries Extract
ZHRSR07P Mass Laser Printing of Contracts / PAF’s
ZHRSR10P or ZHRSR11P Payroll Edit
ZHRSR13P Create Non-Resident Alien File & Report
ZHRSR20P Mass Produce Pressure Seal Mailers
ZHRSR27P Payroll Audit Report
ZHRSR35P Process EDB batch updates from HSA vendor HealthSCOPE
ZHRSR40P: Payroll Control File Maintenance
ZHRSR42P Pre-Note Process to Verify Direct Deposit Account Numbers
ZHRSR45P Pre-Calc
ZHRSR60P Read in EDB Batch Update Records & Edit
ZHRSR61P EDB Batch Update with Encumbering
ZHRSR62P EDB Batch Update without Encumbering
ZHRSR63P Process EDB batch updates from PEBP
ZHRSR64P: Process EDB batch updates from Travelers Insurance
ZHRSR70P Control Table Print
ZHRSR71P Update Control Table
ZHRSR75P Purge College Work Study Environment
ZHRSR80P Write Selected Modified Files to Blank Cartridge
ZHRSR95P Produces Employee Locator Report
JSZOR All On Request Jobs