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Expense Budget by Object Report » FIN110P
Revenue Budget by Agency Within Activity Report » FIN212P
EPS Aged Open Purchase Orders » FINE64P
Purchasing Document History Report » FINEPHP
Print RXPR (Req Preparations Inquiry Table) Worksheet » FINEPRP
POPR (Purchase Order Prep Inquiry)Req Worksheet » FINEPWP
Balance Sheet » FIN100P
Combined Balance Sheet All Fund Types & Acct Group » FIN200P
Comparative Balance Sheet by Fund » FIN205P
Revenue Status by Fund » FIN210P
Combined Statement of Revenues » FIN215P
Revenue Statement by Fund/Agency » FIN220P
Combined Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, Changes in Fund Balances » FIN225P
Revenue Statement by Fund/Activity » FIN230P
NACUBO Statement of Activities Report » FIN325P
Activity Allocation Audit Trail Extract and Reports » FIN332P
Statement of Financial Position Report » FIN35AP
Statement of Financial Position Report » FIN35BP
Focus Reports; Business Center North » FINFCBP
Focus Reports; Data Warehouse » FINFDWP
Focus Reports » FINFOCP
Focus Reports; Financial Aid » FINFSCP
Nightly On-request Reports » FINRPTP
Security Reports » FINSCRP
Open Purchase Order Header Report » FIN035P
Open Vouchers Header Table Report » FIN039P
Vendor Table Report by Vendor code » FIN055P
Bidders Table Listing » FIN280P
Vendor Commodity Table Listing » FIN281P
Vendor Table Report by Vendor Name, Vendor Code » FIN55AP
SUSF Transaction Listing » FINTRNP
Outstanding Warrants » FIN001P
Daily Warrants Paid » FIN002P
Outstanding Warrants Fund Summary » FIN005P
Fixed Asset Transaction Detail » FINX002
Fixed Asset Inventory by Location » FINX06P
Fixed Asset Replacement Forecast Report » FINX09P
Fixed Asset Transfer Detail Report » FINX15P
Combined Statement of Revenues, Expenses, Changes in Retained Earnings » FIN235P