Financial Accounting System: Monthly Jobs

Monthly Jobs
Extract, Reporting, and Download » FIN42EP
1099 Extract » FIN99EP
SIS Cash Receipt Report » FINCRTP
Focus Reports – Vince Johnson » FINFCVP
Fixed Asset Depreciation » FINFDPP
Fixed Asset Disposition Reporting and Purge » FINFPDP
Grant Obligation Summary Report » FING10P
Grant Transaction Detail Report » FING11P
Grant Summary Report » FING21P
Grant Billing Summary » FINGBSP
Monthly VSAM/Ledgers Backup » FINMBKP
2nd Monthly closing for 13th Accounting Period » FINMC2P
Monthly Closing » FINMCLP
Monthly Indirect Cost » FINMICP
Monthly Table Updates » FINMTBP
Organization Summary Report » FINRO1P
Balance and Activity Report » FINR27P