Financial Accounting System Daily Jobs

Advantage Financial Job Submittal: Daily Index
Backup VSAM/Ledger files to SNAP Pool » FINBKIP
Post Update VSAM/Ledger Backup » FINBKPP
Nightly Check Cycle » FINCHKP
Daily Ledgers Define » FINDYLP
Nightly Electronic Funds Transfer Processing » FINEFT
Fixed Assest Reorganization » FINFROP
Build Nightly On-Request » FINJOBP
Nightly Credit Card Documents » FINNCCP
Nightly Document Load to Susf » FINNINP
Nightly Payroll JV Load » FINNJVP
Nightly Reports » FINNRPP
Update Job Submittal Date » FINNULP
Nightly Unmigate Ledgers » FINNUMP
Nightly Update » FINNUPP
System Assurance and Balance » FINSABP
XPTR Secruity Interface » FINSYWP
Nightly Tables Update » FINTBLP
Trash SNAP Backup ‘X’ Files » FINTRSP
Financial Aid JV Doc Load to SUSF » LFINFJVP
Nightly Pubs/Repro II Upload » LFINNIIP