Financial Accounting System: Annual Jobs

Annual Index
NACUBO Balance Sheet BS Group Extract » FIN300P
NACUBO Consolidated Balance Sheet » FIN30CP
NACUBO Statement of Changes » FIN320P
NACUBO Consolidated Statement of Changes » FIN32CP
NACUBO Statement of Current Funds » FIN331P
NACUBO Consolidated Statement of Current Funds » FIN33CP
Final 1099 Merge of all Institutions’ 1099 Extract Data » FIN99FP
Create 1099 Tape for IRS » FIN99TP
VPER/VPE2 New Year Table Update » FINEPVP
Fixed Assets Annual Close » FINFCLP
Fixed Assest Annual Closing – Pre Processing » FINFCPP
Annual Close » FINNACP
New Year COMT Table Initialization » FINNCMP
New Year VEN2 Table Initialization » FINNVDP
Appropriation Rollover » FINNYAP
New Year Budget Prep » FINNYBP
New Year ETSM Table Initialization » FINNYEP
Purchase Order Rollover » FINNYPP
NACUBO Statement of Changes – UNS Version » FINU32P
Year-End Internal Consistency » FINYSAP