Data Center Co-location

PLEASE NOTE: Co-location services are extended only to members of the Nevada System of Higher Education for official use. SCS does not offer commercial co-location agreements.

SCS houses customer-owned computing hardware at an SCS data center, providing a reliable, monitored, and secure alternative to institutions housing their own hardware. The Data Center Co-location Services include redundant high-speed Internet connections, security systems and procedures, cooling and environmental controls, fire detection and suppression systems, a backup generator, and an uninterruptible power supply. Physical site security includes key cards, controlled access to restricted areas of the building, and surveillance cameras located throughout the facility.

Three service levels are available, allowing clients to customize the service they receive to meet their specific requirements. Service Tier 1 includes basic SCS facilities: floor space, environmental stability, guaranteed power, and network connectivity. Service Tier 2 includes the basic SCS facilities and adds SCS operations support: server monitoring and alert notifications, on-site extended-hours operations staff, and backup assistance and storage. Service Tier 3 indicates a customized co-location agreement and includes additional or selected services according to the service level agreement prepared.

Data center co-locations are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding scheduled and unplanned outages. Planned outages must be approved by SCS management and typically occur during standard maintenance windows or low use periods. The customer will be notified of planned outages through direct e-mail communication and standard weekly communication from the SCS Service Desk.

For more information, including fees and other requirements, please see our current Services Catalog.