Requesting Functional Enhancements to the Shared Instance

This process applies to all functional enhancements to the Shared instance.  This includes new modifications/views/interfaces as well as new functionality for existing modifications/views/interfaces

  • Complete the Shared Instance Functional Enhancement Request Form.
  • Submit the form to the appropriate ASG.  The ASG should discuss the request and modify it if needed. The SCS BA for the ASG will ensure that there is the appropriate amount of detail in the request.
  • If the ASG approves the request, submit the updated form to your campus project lead.
  • The campus project lead will bring the request to the iSIA.
  • If the iSIA approves the request, the enhancement will be placed in the SCS development queue based on the priority assigned by the iSIA.

Requests to correct bugs in existing modifications/views/interfaces should be submitted via the SCS Service Desk

Guidelines for Submitting Shared Instance Tickets