Remote Work FAQ for NSHE System Administration employees

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I need to set up a video conference, what should I do?

If your meeting involves four participants or fewer, you can use the RingCentral Meetings app to create and join ad-hoc meetings.

For meetings that involve more than four people please schedule a BlueJeans video conference through the service desk.

What do I do if I need tech support while working from home?

Good news! Our support structure remains the same and we are still able to provide technical support for most issues remotely. Request support as you normally would through the helpdesk. We may ask you to download and install remote support tools for some issues.


Is BlueJeans not working due to heavy demand?

With heavier than normal demand for telecommunication services, the BlueJeans service may experience occasional outages. Please refer to their official status page for the most up-date service information:

Blue Jeans Network Status


Is RingCentral not working due to heavy demand?

With heavier than normal demand for telecommunication services, the RingCentral service may experience occasional outages. Please refer to their official status page for the most up-date service information:

RingCentral Service Status

Can I use RingCentral to make calls using my office number from a personal phone?

Yes! The RingCentral app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Download and install the RingCentral app, and sign in using your NSHE credentials. You will then be able to make and receive calls as if you were using your office phone.

For detailed instructions on setting up RingCentral on your mobile device take a look at our RingCentral app for smartphones – setup and use guide

Can I transfer calls in the RingCentral App?

Yes. The following guide provides steps to take when transferring a call using the RingCentral App:

  1. While you’re on a call on your smartphone, tap Call actions -> Transfer to start the transfer process.
  2. The following screen will appear. From here you’ll can choose a contact, or tap the ‘number pad’ icon (The Numpad icon in RingCentral) in the upper-right to enter a number you already know:The Transfer call screen in the RingCentral App. The numpad icon has been highlighted.
  3. From the Number pad screen dial the number or extension you’re transferring to, then tap one of the three buttons at the bottom to Ask first (“warm transfer”), Transfer now (“blind transfer”) or send the caller directly to Voicemail.

Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?
Teams is an all-in-one collaboration and communication solution, integrating chat (IM), and online meetings that will eventually replace Skype for Business as our primary chat (IM) tool.
Where can I get Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded from the Microsoft site at

Why would I want to use Teams?

Here are just a few reasons… 

  • Simplified communication. Resume a conversation at any time or even send a file when someone is offline.  
  • Easier collaboration. Reduce the need to juggle between multiple applications with a single “hub” for your project notes, Office files, conversations and meetings. 
  • Communicate naturally. Enchance your communications with @mentions to get a specific team members attention, or add some fun to the chat with easily searchable memes and GIFs
How do I get started with Teams?

If you are having trouble getting used to Microsoft Teams, or would like to deepen your understanding of this product, please check out this welcome article by Microsoft

For additional examples and demonstrations on using Microsoft Teams check out this great overview by Learnit! Training.

Can I still use Skype for Business? I have contacts that don’t use Teams.
Yes! Both Skype for Business and Teams clients can run simultaneously without issue.
What will happen to Skype for Business?
Over time, we’ll transition to Teams as our primary communication and collaboration solution, but for now you can continue to use Skype for Business while your get comfortable with Microsoft Teams, allowing you to get the best of both solutions.  
What are 'Channels' in Microsoft Teams?

The following video from Microsoft provides a great demonstration of the unique “Channels” feature in Microsoft Teams.

How do I start a chat (IM) without a directory to find people?
Microsoft Teams does not have a traditional directory but does feature a powerful search feature that can quickly find contacts, even if you only know the first three or four letters in their first or last name.
This video from Microsoft describes the process for using the chat feature in Teams.
Why am I not seeing notifications when new messages are posted in a Teams conversation?

Desktop notifications are enabled by default for direct Chat/IM conversations but not for Channels.  If you are a member of several Teams this might be desirable to limit the amount of distractions coming your way. If you would like to turn on notifications for an important Team Channel, please do the following:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams, then open the Team for which you would like to enable notifications.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon next to the desired channel
  3. Select the “Channel Notifications” option from the ellipsis menu.A screenshot of the Microsoft Teams user interface. A channel ellipsis menu is open, and the "Channel notifications" option is highlighted.
  4. Click the drop down beside All new posts and select Banner and feed for desktop notifications
  5. Check the box next to Include all repliesA screenshot of the Microsoft Teams Channel notification settings user interface. The "Include all replies" option is checked, and the "Banner and feed" option is selected for the "All new posts" setting.
  6. Click Save to confirm the change
How do I create a new group or Team?

At this time the “Team” groups need to be set up by an administrator. Anyone who wants to create a Team can email the service desk ( to request the group name and members to include.