Mission & Vision Statement


Central IT facilitates collaborative technology partnerships throughout NSHE and select agencies of the state of Nevada, with an adaptable, reliable, robust and current infrastructure and core application, network and technical services to enable users to excel in their core academic, research, outreach and administrative missions.


Central IT is the recognized leader and catalyst for technology change and innovation in the Nevada System of Higher Education.

Core Value and Principles

Central IT is committed to:


Fostering cooperation, inclusiveness, and interdependence between all members of the NSHE community (to reduce redundancies and provide shared IT resources).

Customer Service

Putting the customer’s needs above all else (IT staff’s convenience and interests) Open Communication: Listening and responding openly and honestly with our customers.


Having the ability to adjust readily to changing conditions.


Possessing the technical skills to provide a positive contribution.


Taking ownership and responsibility for a course of action and an outcome.


Demonstrating the highest levels of personal and professional conduct in everything we do.


Supporting and promoting ideas to improve services, programs, processes and operations.


Making technology investments, decisions and plans based on achieving the strategic business requirements, goals and priorities defined by NSHE and its institutions.


Seeking technically sound, secure, reliable and financially responsible ways to deliver services.


Understanding the potential of technology to enable NSHE’s academic, research and administrative goals and creating a direction and vision for effective use of that technology.